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Past Honorees

Illumine 2015 Honorees

Songwriting: Sara Hickman 
Presented by: Michael Blair
Poetry: Dean Young
Presented by: Chris Mink
Luminary Award for Literary Patron:
Forrest Preece
Presented by: Sarah Bird
Nonfiction: H.W. Brands
Presented by: Stephen Harrigan
Forrest Preece Young Authors Awards: 
Ava Masterson and Helen Huang  

Illumine 2013 Honorees

Fiction: Stephen Harrigan
Presented by: Elizabeth Crook 
 Steven Weinberg
Presented by: Gregory Curtis
Young Adult Literature: 
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Presented by: Mark Mitchell
Luminary Award (Literary Patron): 
Carmel Borders
Presented by: Jeanne Klein 

Illumine 2011 Honorees

Fiction: Dagoberto Gilb
Presented by: David Garza 
Non-Fiction: Gregory Curtis
Presented by: Jake Silverstein
Emerging Author: Carrie Fountain
Presented by: James Magnuson
Songwriting: Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Presented by: Ross Ramsey
Luminary Award for Literary Patron: 
Marc Winkelman
Presented by: Joseph Skibell


Illumine 2014 Honorees

Fiction: James Magnuson
Presented by: Sarah Bird
Nonfiction: Lawrence Wright
Presented by: Stephen Harrigan
Emerging Author: Kelly Luce
Presented by: Callie Collins
Luminary Award (Literary Patrons): 
Brad and Michele Moore
Presented by: Dave Hamrick
Forrest Preece Young Authors Awards: 
Brandee Benson and Jenna Hoover

Illumine 2012 Honorees

Fiction: Sarah Bird 
Presented by: Michael Adams
Nonfiction: Douglas Brinkley 
Presented by: Tom Staley
Children's Literature: 
Liz Garton Scanlon
Presented by: Lymon Grant   
Songwriting: Joe Ely 
Presented by: Turk Pipkin 
Luminary Award for Literary Patron: 
Darryl Tocker 
Presented by: Pat Smith 

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