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What Is Badgerdog?

What is Badgerdog?Many of the Library Foundation’s programs are devoted to literacy, reading, and increasing the entire community’s access to information and knowledge. The Library Foundation is very pleased to enrich its commitment to literacy through its acquisition of Badgerdog’s writing programs. Badgerdog's writing programs include:
 Creative Writing Summer Camp
 Spring Break Workshops
 School Workshops
 Adult Workshops 

These writing programs follow the workshop model: Writers of all ages and skill levels are invited to examine the techniques of literary artists and experiment with language to communicate experience and meaning. Our goal is to empower Austinites to develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively and beautifully, to amplify individual voices, and to share in a love of reading and writing. 

 All workshops are led by professional writers, who follow a simple teaching model: READ, WRITE, SHARE. We READ the works of published writers to discover the techniques, strategies, and tools that make writing vivid and compelling. We WRITE, practicing the arts of storytelling and poetry. We SHARE—reading our own work aloud in the classroom, performing in public, or having work published; sharing brings writers in contact with readers, helping build literary communities in our own backyards.

Badgerdog workshops take place in libraries, school classrooms, and community centers, sometimes even in private homes. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work with and learn from a writer.

For more information about Badgerdog’s programs, contact Programs Manager Cecily Sailer: csailer@austinlibrary.org.

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